All you need to know about Mobile Optimization [Infographic]

Why Mobile Optimization is not optional

Mobile optimization is essential to any company that uses a website or mobile devices as a way to gain or communicate with customers. Today there are 1 billion more mobile connections on Earth than people, and almost 70% of the world population owns a cell phone, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of mobile. Users now spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones and many people are definitely hooked on the gadget:


Google adds to the hype. Since mobile searches over took desktop searches in late 2014, the company has been actively tweaking its algorithm so that it’s better optimized for mobile users. In April 2015 Google rolled out its Mobile-Friendly Update, aka “Mobilegeddon”, rewarding sites that had been properly optimized for mobile and penalizing those that had not (for searches performed on smartphones). In March 2018 Google announced the launch of their mobile-first index, that ranks the search results based only on the mobile version of the page (even if you’re searching from a desktop).

Needless to say, making sure your website is optimized for mobile is now mandatory. We have put together a list of technical and other optimization components you need to be aware of and fix on your website if necessary. We break things down into the following sections:

Check out the infographic for more details:


Key Takeaways

We now live in a mobile-first era. The majority of internet users rely more on mobile devices and Google made every search a mobile search. It means you need to carefully consider how your website works and looks on smaller screens. If you implement most or all of the points above, you’ll be in good shape with your mobile users.


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