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While there’s a significant overlap between SEO and ADA, we recommended that you turn to ADA-specific tools to review your website’s compliance.

ADA Compliance Software

Use a tool like Accessibe to improve your ADA compliance


SEO professionals only cover a portion of what’s needed to qualify as ADA compliant. Look into using ARIA code for total interactions with screen readers.

List of Additional ADA Compliance Tools 

Wave (Chrome Plugin)
Wave’s Accessibility Test
Chrome Braille Screen Reader Extension
ARIA Validator
Deque Systems Axe Plug-In
Level Access

Wave (Chrome plugin)

Wave’s Chrome plugin is the easiest way to evaluate content’s accessibility with only a few clicks within your Chrome browser. While this is not a fully automated tool, it helps educate webmasters in assessing their website. It’s great for locally stored or highly dynamic pages.

Wave’s Accessibility Test

Wave’s free accessibility in-browser test is the online web version of the Wave Chrome plugin test. Similarly, it’s great for locally stored or highly dynamic pages though it doesn’t provide a fully automated ADA audit.

ARIA Validator

A great beta-stage online software on the more technical side. Great for QA testing accessibility & implementation, rather than running a full test.

Silktide reports on WCAG 2.1, Section 508, AODA, and ADA compliance to determine potential issues on every level of a web page. The testing platform also scans mobile devices to ensure that each page is compliant; it checks PDF pages, form labels, and color contrast.

Level Access provides multiple solutions to uncover ADA accessibility concerns within a web page. It includes analytics, learning resources, and easy integration through a management platform to offer robust solutions for web accessibility.

Accessible360 offers a roadmap strategy to manage your website for ADA accessibility compliance. Live-users audit the site for potential issues of concern and report to relevant development teams to process improvement. While an experienced project management team leads the accessibility audit, they also offer training and resources to help with future concerns.

One of the best in class ADA tools on the market and our go-to recommendation. Accessibe is a fully automated web accessibility solution for ADA and WCAG compliance. It’s affordable, though not free, and it comes with a 7-day trial period.  

Chrome Braille Screen Reader Extension

Another super handy plugin to help you recreate the experience a visually impared visitor has on your website. Use this web-powered screen reader in addition to other ADA testing tools like Accessibe.  

This chrome plug-in provides a toolkit for websites to test accessibility across multiple browsers and platforms. With automated and intelligent guided testing, axe audits for ADA compliance to offer scalable recommendations. The tools continuously scan, report on, and monitor your website for usability improvements.

DubBot offers a feature to scan for web accessibility, determining if each web page passes the WCAG 2.1 tiers of accessibility and ADA compliance. Through their web accessibility feature, DubBot provides analysis on whether or not web pages support all standard assistive devices.

With over one million remediation rules integrated into its software, Equalweb has developed an algorithm to identify accessibility issues to provide ADA compliance recommendations. It audits usability from multiple angles, including navigation adjustment, color adjustment, and content adjustment, to provide optimal accessibility support.

This fully automated ADA and WCAG compliance downloadable software is easy to install and implement. It works by scanning each web page, analyzing potential sources of concerns, and automatically updating the code for user accessibility. MaxAccess will also examine all images to produce alt tags and captions by leveraging its artificial intelligence capability.

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