Squarespace Review (2019), Learn If This Popular CMS Is for You

This Squarespace review discusses whether this CMS is right for your website needs. Please read it fully so you can make an informed decision.

Did you know?
Around 1,000 customers sign up for Squarespace every day”
Squarespace is a paid SaaS-based CMS that has a website builder integrated along with hosting service, a blogging platform, and domain registration option. It is a one-stop solution for building a website. Squarespace services are only available in a bundled package. This means you cannot just get the template and CMS, and host your website somewhere else. You have to take Squarespace hosting too.


Squarespace’s History

Anthony Casalena is the founder of Squarespace, who created this company in 2003 while he was studying at the University of Maryland. He launched the services in the January of 2004 with the help of $30,000 funding from his father. The idea behind creating the platform was that he wanted to offer an all-in-one web publishing platform.  Squarespace acquired,  in November 2014 which helped Squarespace get a good foothold in the cloud based services market.

Currently, Squarespace headquarters is in New York City with offices in Portland, Dublin, Oregon, and Ireland.

Squarespace was ranked at number 8 on Forbes Cloud 100 list. Squarespace was used to build the following sites:

Marina Abramovic Institute
Mario Hugo
Let’s Move Active Schools
Tokyobike New York
Fast Company Innovation Festival
Wet Desert Expeditions
Freemans Restaurant

Squarespace review, 5 things to consider

1. SEO

Squarespace is great for SEO and offers everything you need to optimize your pages to rank well in organic search. They give you the ability to build and publish Accelerated Mobile Pages for your blog posts. AMP pages load quickly and are key to ranking in mobile search. The fact that Squarespace makes this easy for users to implement is epic. Squarespace offers a lot of information to help you optimize your pages for SEO. If you really want to learn how to be the Yoda of SEO read these 5 SEO Tips.

2. User Friendly

Squarespace is extremely easy to use and allows you to build beautiful websites. Squarespace gives you excellent design and template choices and you don’t need to be extremely tech savvy or know how to code to build your website.

3. Cost

Squarespace is not a free CMS and costs a bit more than its competitors like WordPress and Magento which both have free versions. They offer tier pricing where you get more if you pay more. They offer a flat monthly rate but also take 2% or 3% if you are selling this online. Squarespace’s pricing is competitive but when you compare them to competitors like Weebly, WIX and Shopify it is more expensive.

4. Security

Squarespace is extremely secure experience. They take full responsibility for your website security. There is no security software that you need to install or update. It is Squarespace’s responsibility and they ensure top security for your site.

5. Up To Date

Squarespace is known for its unique design style and secured websites.  They also do regular data backups so your site data is saved.

Squarespace Review, Ratings, Overall Recommendation

In this Squarespace review we covered the top 5 things you need to know to build and launch a website using this CMS. Squarespace is an excellent CMSs and we would recommend it to everyone. There are plenty of other free options like Word Press or Magento but if you don’t mind paying then Squarespace is a great choice.

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