SEO Strategist | My Experience As One & What It Is Like

Working As An SEO Strategist

An SEO Strategist is a critical job role for any company that wants to rank higher in search engines like Google. This matters because if one’s online business is not appearing on the 1st page of Google, they are essentially invisible. Being on the first page of Google (especially nearer to the top of the page) guarantees more people visiting that website. Basically, more visitors to a website can mean more customers, more sales, and more money.

SEO Strategist job role

My day-to-day life as an SEO Strategist involves a number of tasks, including:

  • Doing keyword research for a website to see which words or phrases it can rank for
  • Writing SEO optimized content for websites that target desirable keywords
  • Improving off-site SEO through a variety of tactics, including:
    • Establishing relationships with bloggers and influencers
    • Getting high-quality backlinks
    • Creating high-quality content worth others sharing on social media and linking to
    • Following recommendations from SEO Specialist tools like SEMrush
  • Improving on-site SEO through a variety of best practices, such as:
    • Using proper header tags
    • Using image alt tags with the target keyword
    • Writing great content to improve visitor time on site
    • Following the recommendations of SEO Strategist tools like Yoast
  • Making sure a site is getting high conversions through:
    • Gathering more email addresses
    • Generating more sales
    • Getting more customers
  • Doing SEO site audits, meaning:
    • Seeing how well optimized a website is initially
    • Seeing what can be improved to enhance SEO
    • Comparing past site performance with future performance

How To Excel As An SEO Strategist

From my personal experience, there are 3 major ways one can excel as an SEO Specialist, which include:

  1. Continually learning.  SEO is an industry that constantly changes, so you must be constantly reading and learning about it.  Succeeding as an SEO Strategist means reading a wide variety of blogs, such as this one.
  2. Continually practicing.  Acquiring a new skill involves plenty of practice.  This means doing volunteer work, helping local businesses with SEO needs, practicing on your own website, doing freelance work for those who need an SEO Specialist, and more.
  3. Using all SEO tools at your disposal.  Using tools such as SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Google Keyword Planner, and Ahrefs will help you tremendously as an SEO Strategist.

Why I Am Growing My Skills In SEO

I am growing my skills as an SEO Specialist because I know that SEO is an in-demand skill by many companies.  Additionally, I have ideas of starting my own company in the future, and knowing SEO well will be of great benefit.

Effectively using SEO will allow me to get free organic traffic to my website, rather than paying for ads.  Then, it is a matter of collecting visitor email addresses, making sales, and creating great content to build brand loyalty and recognition.

Having the world’s greatest content means nothing if that content is buried deep on the search engine result pages; which is why developing SEO skills is crucial.

Finally, I would like to end this article by giving a shoutout to Lavall Chichester, who has taught me a lot in SEO.  His LinkedIn profile can be found here if you too would like to learn from him.

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