SEO Is Dead, No SEO Is Alive Again, SEO Is Basically Like Jesus


What is SEO and Is SEO Dead?

SEO means search engine optimization. It’s the practice of tweaking content like webpages and videos to rank well for keywords on search engines like Google, Bing and YouTube. It’s a booming industry filled with passionate and brilliant people who love what they do. SEO is not dead because investment in SEO will continue to increase well in to the future. Here are some really good SEO and Content Marketing Tips to help you improve your understanding of SEO and why SEO will never actually die.


What’s with the SEO is Dead Articles?

SEO is Dead is a common headline that some people use as click bait. Click bait is an emotionally driven headline that encourages people to click because it’s outrageous and emotionally charged. I just saw yet another SEO is Dead article so I felt the need to address this nonsense. SEO is Dead articles usually go like this.

SEO is Dead! Just kidding I think I’m clever so I tricked you with an annoying headline. SEO is alive and you need to do SEO.

I was going to list all of the SEO is Dead articles but let’s just forget about them.
I’m not trying to drive any more traffic to these stupid articles.

This article is basically an attempt to put an end to this SEO is Dead nonsense.

SEO has died and risen from the dead so many times that SEO is now basically like Jesus.

Why SEO is like Jesus

  • SEO died and rose from the dead
  • SEO can turn site traffic into wine, whiskey or your beverage of choice since it increases sales
  • SEO has disciples that will defend it to the bitter end
  • SEO practitioners will preach the Gospel of SEO to you wether you want to hear it or not
  • There is at least one SEO Bible that someone wrote a long time ago, which is wildly out dated and needs to be revised to keep up with the times


Please don’t buy links or you run the risk of landing in Google Hell. Happy belated Easter by the way.

Why SEO will Never Die

Search is a human behavior and everything will eventually have some sort of search functionality. This includes recommendation engines like Pandora or StumbleUpon because they use what you searched for and your inputs to then recommend music and content  to you. Most of the top sites will eventually try and monetize their search functionality. Pinterest launched their paid search ads. Apple launched their paid search ads and everyone else will follow. If platforms are investing in their paid search product their will always be a need to know how to optimize your content to rank organically. Voice search will also be instrumental to the growth and the further investment in SEO.

SEO is tired of Dying
Please Stop the SEO is Dead articles.
Your SEO is Dead article is not clever. There are a million of other things to write about. Let SEO be alive and thrive. Let people actually fall in love with SEO in a positive way with out trying to scare them to death. Even if you try and make a real case for the SEO industry dying it shows your limited understanding about what SEO is. Plus SEOs are like Ants they don’t die they multiply and evolve over time.


Just like Jesus SEO isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you need traffic so bad that you have to write an SEO is Dead article just move to LA and spend some time on the 405. You will have all the traffic you need. Share and link to this article if you love SEO and you want this SEO is Dead foolishness to stop.

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