Growth Skills Launches New Features – SEO Path, Coaching, and more

We’ve made some big changes to the Growth Skills platform and we’re excited to finally share them with you. Based on your feedback, we’ve created a new SEO path, added video coaching calls, and launched single courses to give you even more ways to learn.

Details on the new changes include:

New home page: We’ve updated the home page to focus on developing world class SEO professionals. The home page shows you how you can get a SEO Certification from Growth Skills. We are actively working on other paths, so this is phase one and we’ll keep you in the loop as more paths are added.

SEO Platform

New SEO path: We have launched the new SEO Path. Taking this path and going through the review process is the only way to get a Growth Skills SEO certification.

SEO Path

New Mentors: New mentors have joined to teach courses and coach you along your growth journey.


New path process: Courses unlock as you finish the course before. You have two weeks to finish each course. If you finish faster then you will get access to the next course faster. After you finish a course you can schedule a 15 minute video coaching call with someone from our team. This will help you get the most out of your learning path, and give us a chance to get feedback so we can keep improving your experience.

SEO Certificate

Messaging: You will have to connect with a member in order to message them. We have had a few spam messages being sent so we set up this added security step. Don’t accept a connection unless you know the person or they look like they are actively learning and are engaged on the platform.

Single courses: We now have single courses that you can purchase if you don’t want to commit to a full path. These courses come with downloadable templates, course presentation and access to the video lessons.

Have fun growing your skills!

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