Never Give Up

Never Give Up. Let me say that again in case you missed it. NEVER GIVE UP! Ask yourself this question. What do you gain by giving up? Nothing. Let me be clear, I’m not talking about a strategic retreat to regroup and attack a goal from a different angle. I’m talking about saying I’m not going to succeed so I’m going to quit. You have to set realistic goals so that you can accomplish the impossible. If you don’t write the first sentence, you will never write a book. In life we get easily separated from the personal goals that we set for ourselves. We get told constantly that we can’t do something and so we accept it and that becomes part of what we believe. Bruce Lee was told that he could never walk again after being seriously injured. But through pure Will Power he was able to will himself back on his feet. You might not be Bruce Lee but that does not mean the average Joe can’t will themselves to success and to better health.

How to Never Give Up

There is one trick to learning how to never give up. It is simple just NEVER GIVE UP! Never take what someone else says about your situation as final. You always have the possibility to WILL yourself to change. It won’t be easy but that never matters once you have will power. The video below is very inspirational. It tells the story of a simple regular guy (like you and me) willing himself, despite what Doctors told him, to walk and more. Watch, learn and more importantly apply this to your life.

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