Learn SEO – Free Beginners Guide

Download our SEO Beginners Guide to Learn SEO for free. Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best things that I’ve done for my career. Learning SEO gives you a competitive advantage as a business owner and marketer. Many people make the mistake of trying to learn how to code before they actually have an idea of how websites work.

SEO Salary Range:
SEO Coordinator – Director of SEO – $45,000 – $125,000

Instead you should spend the time to learn SEO so you can build a strong foundation in digital marketing. This way you can make some money as an SEO and then learn how to code after that. Learning SEO will give you the skills to increase website traffic, brand awareness and website sales. This is important especially if you are an entrepreneur and eventually want to start your own business. I invested in learning SEO as a craft and now have a great career and make my clients millions online.

Learn SEO with our 101 Beginners Course

I taught this SEO 101 Beginners Course for Baruch College and Tech Tuesday. In this course you with learn:


How to optimize a website


How to do keyword research & use data to create content


How to optimize social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest


Important ranking factors


How Google is a Competitor in Search


Free SEO Tools


How to vet a CMS


And More

  • Why SEO is important to your career and business
  • Where search fits in the consumer journey
  • How search engines work
  • Why content marketing is important for SEO
  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • How to get backlinks
  • How to increase website speed
  • Website architecture for SEO

Why is this SEO Course Free

This SEO guide is free for two main reasons:

One: Lack of Talent:  As brands invest more in SEO people who do SEO have become a commodity. This has created a lack of SEO talent in the market place. This means it’s almost impossible for me and other agencies to find good SEOs. The only way to effectively combat this is for me to train people in this skill. This way I help people get jobs and it’s easier for me to find talent.

Two: Growth Skills Learning Platform: I’m build a social learning platform called Growth Skills. The platform allows you to earn while you learn if you take learning seriously. I’ll be turning this free course into a paid video course. Downloading this ebook will only take you so far. I’ll be sending a generous discount coupon to everyone who has downloaded this free ebook. The paid course comes with templates to help make learning SEO easier. You will also get access to all the other course like paid search 101, how to build a website on WordPress and tons of microlearning videos.


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