Marketing Jobs of the Future and the Skills You Need to Succeed in Them

Marketers and Sales professionals, great news from Davos!

A recent report from the World Economic Forum reveals “jobs of tomorrow” and predicts bright future for marketing, sales and content specialists.

Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy, takes an in-depth look into emerging professions that are in urgent demand worldwide, and what skills will be critical for these professions.

The report was created through a data and research collaboration with New Metrics CoLab, Burning Glass Technologies, Coursera and LinkedIn.

According to the report, high demand for both “digital” and “human” factors is boosting growth in the jobs of the future. For example, adoption of new technologies drives the need for AI, cloud computing and product development specialists. On the other hand, the human interaction is becoming yet more important, giving rise to greater demand for care jobs, roles in sales, marketing and content production.

Let’s review some other interesting findings.

The Fastest-Growing Professions of the Future

The report highlights seven professional areas that will represent the highest-growth jobs of tomorrow. Sales and marketing are on the list too:

emerging jobs

According to the report, 1.7 million of new jobs opportunities will be created in the emerging professions globally by the end of 2020. By 2022, this figure will see a significant increase of 51% to 2.4 million job opportunities.

Most In-Demand Professions of the Future

Below you can see the scale of opportunity against the annual growth rate of each professional cluster. It shows that the Sales, Marketing and Content professional cluster is the second in-demand after Care cluster.

most in-demand professions

Emerging Jobs of the Future

In Sales, Marketing and Content, the critical positions are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Content Specialists
  • Customer Success Specialists
  • Sales Development Representatives

new jobs opportunities

Skills of the Future

So, which skills are required for these high-growth in-demand positions?

Data gathered by LinkedIn and Burning Glass Technologies reveals that these thought-after skills span a diverse set of competencies. The report groups these skills into five main clusters:

skills of the future

The data scientists at LinkedIn identified the most prominent skills for each profession based on the frequency with which a skill appears across all professions. As you can see below, Marketing and Sales roles place greater emphasis on Business Skills, while Content Production positions equally require Tech Baseline, Industry Specialized and Business competences:

skills by cluster

Learning Trajectories

Ever-evolving skills requirements boost the need for additional learning among people employed in the seven professional clusters presented in this report. eLearning is taking the lead in covering re-skilling and up-skilling needs.

Online learning platform Coursera analyzed numerous insights from its learners and instructors to identify most popular courses taken by individuals in emerging professions. According to the research, Marketing, Sales and Content professionals are focused on updating their skills in areas such as Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing Strategy, Viral Marketing as well as Meditation and Happiness.

marketing courses


Jobs of the future are pretty much defined by both technical and human factors. To be successful in any emerging profession, you need to have a skill set that meets these two criteria. Marketers and Sales professionals need to focus on constantly upgrading their Business and Tech Baseline skills. Online learning is the most efficient and convenient way to keep your competences up to date.

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