How to Tackle Last Minute Brainstorming for a Finance Brand


“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson.

Just like fighting, for a finance brand can be less stressful when you have a sound strategy to take on the craziest of scenarios.

Because in this business: wrenches get thrown, strategic fuses get blown, and ideas explode right before a big pitch. Whether it be fate, finances, or fickleness; leadership will decide they have to change the direction with limited time.

When this happens, here are some great ways to discover some new ideas 😁.

Make it Simple

Finance is complicated, and unfortunately, most banking campaigns throw too many ingredients into the pot when they sell a product. Instead of hitting consumers over the head with every Real-Time Benefit, tell a story that is succinct and easy to understand immediately. 

How can you answer the brief in one sentence and then show that in a brutally honest way? One idea. One line. Many different ways of showing it. 

Instagram: Stories Are Everywhere

Wieden and Kennedy did this great campaign in 2017 to let people know about the benefits of Instagram Stories. The answer was to show how real-life photos could turn into something special with IG.

Add Utility

Instead of just selling your product; you can create an ad that offers people something they can enjoy, learn from, and share. If your company believes in giving everyone financial freedom, how can you make content that gives back and helps people achieve their goals? Can you make an ad that’s also a budget calculator? Or maybe create an OOH sticker with a QR code that lets people get a cash advance when they need it most? 

Beats: Straight Outta

To sell the movie Straight Outta Compton while selling Dre’s headphones, the marketing team added a filter to let anyone show love to where they grew up. I even did this. Shout out to Danbury, CT. Go, Hatters!

Celebrate the Consumer

We all want to feel like we are a part of something special — a group that stands out from the rest and can rally behind something greater than ourselves. How can you take your financial brand and put the consumer on a pedestal? Realize who your audience is, and tell them how amazing they are. BRING THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER. 

Apple: Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Apple invented Think Different. It celebrates the weird and wonderful — or, as my dad says in our case, “eccentrically southern.” Apple’s commercial takes the target audience and relates them to the last two centuries’ most remarkable minds while using V/O from Steve Jobs. It is so good, it made me assume “Greatness” comes from myself and an Apple product.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Well, I hope this article helps in your last-minute brainstorming for your finance brand. If you need any other guidance, I highly recommend looking at the Deck of Brilliance — created by Juggi Ramakrishnan and Todd McCracken. You can find it here. 

Good luck creatives, and remember, we are the music makers.

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