How to Develop Will Power, 2 Simple Tricks

Learning How to develop will power takes time and commitment. Will Power is a very important part of accomplishing your goals. This is because Will Power is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes.  Will Power is an important component to having a successful and fulfilling life. With out it you won’t be able to accomplish your goals or get ahead in life.

Developing Will Power, Why it is Important

The world we live in today was strategically constructed to set you up for failure. That might sound like a bold statement but if you look around you will see this to be true. Corporations spend millions on scientific research to find ways to manipulate you to doing things you don’t want to do. They play with your emotions to try and get you to buy what ever product they are selling. Will Power is one of your strongest assets against the massive resources put into making you feel sick, inadequate, and hopeless enough to buy some of the ridiculous things you are being told you need.

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

Having strong Will Power will allow you to setup principals and guidelines for your life that you will stick to no matter what suggestions a marketing ad throws at you. If you don’t drink soda, then you don’t drink soda and no matter how many times Sprite tells you to “Obey Your Thirst.” your Will Power will never let you abandon your personal guidelines.

Develop Your Will Power in Two Steps

1. Do One Thing You Hate to Do Daily

Everyday you should do one thing that you can’t stand doing. If you hate washing dishes then force yourself to clear the sink. This will help you train your mind and body to listen to do things regardless of if you want to or not. This daily practice will help you build a strong Will Power that is trained to do things it dose not want to do. You can then use your will power to accomplish goals that take doing things you hate to get them done.

2. Don’t Do One Thing Everyday That You Love to Do

Accomplishing your goals also means learning how to sacrifice and do with out things you love. The daily practice of not doing things you love will develop a strong Will Power that is use to sacrificing. This will make it easier to put aside your desires or reject fabricated desires created for you by marketing.

Now this may sound simple  but it is a very difficult practice. But just like weight lighting the more you do it and the stronger the  like or dislike is that you have to fight against is then the stronger your Will Power will be come. Practice daily and remember to spread love.


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