Five Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Stranger Things Two

Stranger Things is a remarkable Netflix show that is filled with lessons for marketers. Season two just came out so I’ll try my best not to spoil anything while I dispense wisdom from the show.

1. Team Building

The kids from Stranger Things have a pretty tight crew. They communicate well, learn to disagree on things and accomplish their missions. They defend each other to a point where when the police ask Mike where Eleven was he says,” I wouldn’t tell you where she is if I knew.”  #respect. They are also very particular with who they let join them and lean heavily towards cultural fits. Building a team that works and plays well together is essential to your success.

2. It’s okay not to be normal
There is a competitive advantage of being different. Embrace your uniqueness and use it to differentiate yourself in the market place. Consumers are drowning in a sea of sameness in everything from product choices, advertising and social media sites. No wonder brand loyalty is at an all time low and consumers are choosing to turn the noise off with things like ad blockers.

3. Don’t lie – There is speed in trust
Eleven is pretty serious about honesty and belts, “Friends don’t lie!” at someone close who she thinks is being untruthful. She knows friends show up for each other so this motivates her to make some “not so stupid” choices. In Stephen M.R. Covey book Speed of Trust he points out that being honest leads to trust. Organization who understand this get things done using the speed that trust generates. Trust takes out the doubts about a persons motives and skepticism around being on the page. Being honest especially when it hard is essential to your success as a marketer, entrepreneur or teammate.

4. Don’t run from problems
In the Mr. Baldo story Will gets advice to stop running from his fears. In general this is excellent advice for two reasons. One you learn a lot about yourself and gain huge insights when you face your problems. Two running from a problem will never solve it and usually makes it worse.

5. Leverage Nostalgia
The James Altucher Show is one of the best business podcasts ever. On the show James interviews Gary Vaynerchuck about a bunch to topics. One thing Gary says is that he wants to buy nostalgics brands and rebuild them. I think he has a valid point about the power of nostalgia. If you grew up in the 80s you appreciate Stranger Things on a deeper level because it’s set in the 80s.  People born in the 80s are the next to have wealth and buying power like the baby boomers. Plus brands, characters and trends of the 80s will still resonate with kids being born today. Just look at the revival LEGO made. Marketers can tap into nostalgia to tell stories and to drive deeper connection with consumers of all ages.

GEICO is currently doing this with the He-Man commercials.

Plus the Last Blockbuster is the best thing to ever happen to Twitter.

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