5 Essential Excel tips – Plus one sneaky Excel trick that should be considered spy tradecraft

There are tons of articles with great Excel tips and tricks but I assure you none will cover my one sneaky technique I use to find info I’m not suppose to have. 😊Yaaaaaaassss! Excel is one of the most useful tools in the world. Some people hate Excel and some people love it but regardless of how you feel improving your Excel skills will help you grow your career. There are entire industries that rely on Excel.

Excel tips


Top three industries that rely on Excel

-Digital Advertising and Media

If you are looking to start your own business, learn SEO or do anything in finance then you have to master Excel.

Five Essential Excel Tips

Here are a few of the must learn Excel skills if you work in the industries above.

1.Pivot Tables in Excel

2. VLook Up in Excel

3. Concatenate in Excel

4.Deduplicate in Excel

5.Macros in Excel

Bonus Excel Tip
Hide/Unhide Tabs

Human beings are built to find the path of least resistance. Meaning we are built to be efficient and lazy, That is why voice marketing is exploding in popularity. Read more about that in my article for Forbes. Being lazy means we forget to do simple things. The one thing that you should always do is delete tabs that you don’t want people to have in Excel. However what most people do is hide the tab and then forget that they hid it and then send sensitive information to clients, competitors etc. See example below. I’ve found the rate cards and various other secrets from competitor agencies that I should not have because someone for got to unhide and delete tabs in Excel.

Excel tips and tricks


Using the hide/unhide feature for tabs is extremely easy. What makes unhiding tabs useful is that a lot of people forget that they hid a tab and send sensitive information to people who should not have it. Now that you know this is a common thing you can look to unhide Excel tabs and see what treasure awaits.

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