The Evolution of Search: Plus Interview With Rand Fishkin of Moz [Video]

Three years ago Rand Fishkin and the folks at Moz let my team and I go down to Moz Con to film a pilot for a video series on search. The series was called FOUND and the premise of the series was to discuss all things search and content marketing with experts in the field. The first episode of course had to feature an interview with Rand Fishkin who is the founder of Moz.

Interview with Rand Fishkin at Moz Con


Note: Big shout out to (John G SEO Manager at Kaiser Permanente and Jourdan R SEO Manager at The Ladders for joining me on this adventure)

Rand and his team were exceptionally gratuitous and basically let us film anything we wanted except the speakers on the main stage. Moz built an amazing marketing tool but their people and company culture is what really makes them incredible. Their T.A.G.F.E.E culture code is inspiring and their goodness leaks into the SEO/ digital marketing community and makes it flourish. Just read what Rand has to say about one of his lead engineers who made our best bosses in advertising list. It makes me smile because search especially SEO is full of frauds and Rand and team are the real deal. They prove that you don’t have to be an egotistical ass to get ahead in the world

The Moz team gave us access to their green ( it’s really blue) room and that’s where I got to catch up with Rand to pick his brain about search. We cut a super long version of the piece and worked to get it shorter. We were going to partner with AdAge to release the series but then we had back to back client wins and got swamped with work. Needless to say we had to put the project on the back burn to manage the growth and we never finished it.

Luckily I found a super rough cut of the pilot episode and got permission to post it on GrowthSkills. Huge shout out to Jorge for editing this. Watch the video below
Note: We had a much longer version filled with SEO jokes and other interviews but had to trim most of that out. I’ll find that version and post it as well.

SEO is still a huge opportunity if you diversify your strategy

SEO changes rapidly but much of this is still relevant today. What is interesting about all this is that while I was interviewing Rand in the green room about the importance of integrating search with TV ( which is the Mediahub way) Wil Reynolds (Your SEO Teams Favorite SEO) was on stage speaking on the same topic. Fast forward to today most people still aren’t integrating search campaigns with TV. Rand also just published a great article / study on whether the SEO opportunity is growing or shrinking.

I also cover a lot of the holistic thinking from this video in this SEO tips for Yoda article.


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