Ad MarketPlace’s Annual Beer Games Tournament

This is a throw back from an adMarketPlace Annual Beer Games Tournament in 2015. This is one of many stories that will give you a glimpse into #adlife. It was a recap of the event I did for fun and figured I should just share it here. My main role in all of this was talking massive amounts of s#it on the side lines to support my boys on the field. I took some pictures myself and got others from AdMarket places Facebook photo gallery of the event. It’s a classic tale. Enjoy.



Last night (some time in 2015) King Charles and Patrick from the Search and Content Team represented Profero at  an adMarketPlace’s Annual Beer Games Tournament. 32 teams from various agencies across New York showed up to compete for bragging rights and glory. Our young heroes made us proud and brought home the 2nd place trophy in the Beer Pong tournament.

Round 1: Zenith

We’ll just call this the warm up round, because this was nothing more than light work to Patrick and Charlie. As Charlie hit the final shot, someone looked over and said “Some people are still filling their cups and that game is already over.” The game ended quicker than a Tyson fight in his prime. At least the Zenith team got their money’s worth in Beer. They drank alot and they drank it quickly.

Round 2: Havas

Havas stepped up in round two and gave our young heroes a bit of a fight but alas they were sent packing. One of the Havas members should have won a prize for being the worst dancer in the world who thought she could really dance.  She writhed and spasmed like a dying chicken after every cup she made. Thank God the squad finally put us out of our collective misery from watching this weird0 wiggle to a beat that was only in her head and not attached to any song that played. The boys dropped cup after cup to win with one cup remaining in a thrilling come from behind victory.


Round 3: Resolution Media

This was a bit personal for Patrick since he recently joined us from Resolution and was playing against his old co-workers. His old co-workers  were pretty annoying, because they were practicing the whole time and babysitting their drinks during the match which is a #redcard, flag on the play and for sure a party foul. The rules ofd Beer Pong are clear. If the ball goes in the cup you have to chug the drink. Full stop. You can’t sip it or save some for later because you think it’s going to mess with your aim. That’s the damn point of the game and if you don’t want to drink don’t play in a Beer Pong tournament. Obviously I was beyond frustrated with this behavior and had to bring my trash talk to new levels. The best part is that everyone in the audience could tell Patrick really wanted this win this round against his old work mates. You could see the mad dog look in his eyes and we all knew the froth by his mouth wasn’t from the Bud Light that had been flowing all night. Like the first match, this one was pretty much over before it even began. The abuse was so impressive that I had to stop talking trash and just let Charlie and Patrick’s work speak for itself.

Round 4: iProspect

iProspect had four different teams representing them in the tournament and still ended up getting cleaned up. The pair our squad faced was the most formidable of the bunch. Mohammad who used to work at iProspect  asked the team for a simple request, “End these fools!” Patrick and Charlie were more than happy to oblige. They made four shots in a row to break their opponents’ spirit, and it was all over after that. I reckon they are still crying over their loss at a Brother Jimmy’s some where. If you have four different teams in the tournament and still can’t win then you should reconsider your life.

Final Round: The Interns

In the Picture: King Charles want’s Blood, Patrick’s a player, The Interns are ready for war and the host looks worried cause he knows it’s about to go down!

The final round was played on the stage at Highline Ball Room against a ragtag team of two interns from separate agencies. We knew these two “bros” were going to be trouble because they still had an air of frat house griminess about them. They also looked like a textbook case of “Agency Abuse,” with their shirts sloppily tucked into their stained pants, making it look like they’ve been sleeping under their boss’ desk all week. I took one look at these dudes and knew we were in for a good fight because these gents def live the #adlife. These are two will probably be future leaders of our industry and you know they had zero f#cks to give. King Charles won the rock paper scissors match to see who would shoot first. From there, chaos ensued.

Usually advertising events are tame but this was not one of those events. Drunk agency folks flung ping pong balls at the stage full force as each team took turns trying to hit the cups. I felt kind of bad for both teams because this was not part of the deal. They had to slug it out all night against other teams and are now on stage going at it with the best best. Plus they have drunk ad people chucking ping pong balls, ice and even lime from their vodka tonics at the stage. It was as if at this part of the night the pent up anger and frustration of client meetings, reports, ad hoc tasks, dealing with dumb bosses and everything else needed to be released. And released it was in a roaring chant and hail of random objects. On the other hand it added an extra layer of drama to an already high-stakes affair. Both sides seemed to ignore the ongoing barrage as they continued to fling balls and insults across the table. Our young warriors were finally edged out when their opponents hit two in a row to close the game out and carry the first place trophy back to their frat castle.


Shout out to the Interns for the Big W, to Charlie and Patrick for bringing a trophy home and for the peeps who were able to come out and cheer them on. Next year, we’re gunning for #1.


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