15 Best Virtual Reality Apps – Get Immersed in Art, Gaming, Travel and More

In this article we cover the 15 best virtual reality apps out there. Virtual reality has exploded in popularity and is becoming more and more accessible to consumers.

What is a virtual reality app?

A virtual reality app is an applications that allow users to engage with virtual 3-D worlds. They are built to showcase 3-D interactive experiences. You will need a VR headset to use a virtual reality app. Here are our picks for the best of the best virtual reality apps.

1. Google Arts And Culture


This virtual reality app lets you explore different works of art. You can search for specific piece of art based on historical movement, artists, genres, and more. You can get more specific such as “kind of medium used – ink or watercolor” to find different pieces of art.  This app let’s you view art from more than a thousand museums across 70 countries.

You can download this app on PlayStore or iTunes

2. Orbulus


Orbulus is another convincing virtual reality app that offers the chance to visit places where you can’t go in reality. It’s an image gallery that features some of the most famous tourist hotspots across the world. The image gallery is created using Google’s Photo Sphere technology. Its user friendly interface allows you to pick any location. Just select one, and you’ll find yourself hiking in the snow covered mountains, boat sailing in the ocean, and more. It offers a vacation-slash-staycation where you get to see the sights without any traveling expenses and from the comfort of your home.

Get your app here! Android / iOS (Free)


3. Facebook 360

This app allows content creators to publish immersive photos, videos and stories with other people.

Users can react to immersive photos, like and share them, as well as discover videos and VR content from media companies and individual creators.


4. Tilt Brush

This virtual reality app is for painting lovers. Users can use this app to paint unique and beautiful art in 3D. With HTC Viva headset, your surroundings become your painting canvas and you can convert anything into your VR art. You can paint anything like 3D abstracts, cartoons, – the possibilities are endless.

Get your Tilt Brush VR App Here!

5. Virtual, virtual reality


V-VR is a three-hour virtual reality gameplay by Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro. This VR game allows users to explore more than 50 virtual realities. You can put on virtual headsets to explore more. The deeper you go, the harder the tasks will be.

Download your V-VR on PlayStore!  

6. Discovery VR

The Discovery Channel has been a powerful education resource and now they have realized a VR app. Discovery VR allows you to experience videos and stories in a more immersive way.  You can watch exclusive content from your favorite TV shows such as Discovery Presents, Deadliest Catch, and many more. You can experience heart pounding adventures such as surfing, hiking, mountain climbing etc. You can also watch Discovery VR 360 videos with a VR headset that is compatible with your desktop.


Get your Discovery VR on PlayStore and iOS

7. End Space VR


End Space VR is a virtual reality game in which you can fly a small spaceship and be a part of dynamic battles. This game is considered one of the best VR games ever. You tilt your head to steer the spaceship and game gets harder and harder as the game progresses. You can upgrade your spaceship, buy weapons and develop it over time.

Available on iTunes at £0.99  

8. Sisters: Faye & Elsa

Sisters: Fave & Elsa is a VR game for horror lovers. This game is a horror adventure series in which you try to figure out what happened to Aunt Faye. It is filled with creepy goodness and will have you entertained for hours.


Get your Sisters: Faye & Elsa VR app here!

9. YouTube VR


YouTube has rolled out a YouTube VR app that offers immersive experiences with Google Cardboard, Daydream and Gear 2.  You just need to tap the cardboard icon to experience videos in the VR mode. You can browse and watch every video available on YouTube, from standard rectangular videos to 3D 360 videos with YouTube VR.

Get YouTube VR here!

10. 360 Cities


With this VR app, you can travel throughout the world and get virtual view of any location. This app offers 360 views in VR mode. The photos available in this app are of high quality.

Get 360 Cities VR app on iOS and Android!

11. Titans of Space



This app offers a virtual tour of a few stars and planets. The point of this app is to help people learn about the size difference of planets and stars. The Titans of Space is available for various platforms including Oculus RIFT, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.

Get Titans Of Space Here!

12. Anatomyou


Anatomyou is a perfect immersive app to learn human  anatomy. The app shows the anatomical structures of various systems of the human body on your mobile device. You need Google Cardboard to get immersive virtual view.

Get Anatomyou on iOS and Anroid !

13. Within VR


This app helps you watch documentaries in virtual reality.  The Within VR app works well with its partners including The New York Times, Apple, NBC and Vice. You can watch every concerts to music videos with in virtual view with this app.

Download this app on Oculus, PlayStore or iTunes

14. Relax VR


Relax VR can offer you a virtual tour of different locations like as forests, beaches, and even mountains. This app helps you meditate in beautiful environments.

Download Relax VR app here!

 15. Cardboard Camera


This app allows you to click pictures in VR view that you can view in virtual reality mode. This app is available for free and can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

Get Cardboard Camera VR app here!

If we have missed any VR app in this article, share with us. We will give it a shot it in our next article.

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