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Searching is a human behavior.

We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get you in front of customers when they are searching for products or services like yours. 

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Search Engines like Google help businesses grow.

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Did you know that 92% of research for a product or service starts with a search?

That’s why search engines are an inevitable step on the consumers’ path to purchase. But most brands get this wrong and miss out on organic awareness, website traffic, and new customers.

Brands that invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have been extremely successful in acquisition overall.

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Growth Skills uses SEO
to help companies increase awareness,
leads and sales from:

Search engines

Google, Bing etc


Amazon , Etsy etc

App stores

Apple App Store, Google Play

Social media platforms

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc

Our award-winning methodology focuses on four areas to drive SEO performance.


Technical elements on the website that can be fixed to improve performance. This includes meta data, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, structured data and more.


We assess the content on the website like page copy, images, videos and more. This helps us find opportunities to improve performance.


This focuses on social media and backlinks. We assess your links and socia media engagement to find areas to improve performance.


Our goal is to get you leads and make you money, not just get you traffic. We focus on ways to increase your websites conversion rate so you can turn traffic into revenue.

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SEO & Content Awards

landy award winner

The SEO Process

Phase 1: Technical SEO Audit

Technical Audit and fixes.
We prepare an SEO audit looking at the 4Cs to find quick wins and places to improve current performance.

Phase 2: On-going Content Strategy

Content Strategy:
Once we have optimized the current website and content, we use data to research and find other topics to create content for. We research, write and publish articles, white papers and more. This helps expand your reach on search engines and get more awareness, leads, and revenue.

Reporting Dashboards

We setup and connect your analytics, keyword, and other data into a real time reporting dashboard. We use the dashboard to show you performance results and to get insight to lean the on-going strategy.

We use SEO to help improve ADA Compliance

One of our true differentiators is that we use Search Engine Optimization to increase both visibility and accessibility. 

  • Visibility: Increases search engine rankings for websites, videos, images, apps, etc. This lets people find your content, products and services.
  • Web accessibility: Increases the access to (websites, videos, images, apps, etc.) in screen readers that function much like search engines. This helps people with disabilities like blindess be able to access your website.

Our SEO process also helps protect our clients from ADA compliance lawsuits which have increased 300% since 2018.
SEO & ADA Compliance Guide-01

We are partners and run SEO projects using their software

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