Learn How to Learn

Applicants must complete this advanced course in keyword research. Our apprentices learn how to use multiple data points to create content that people want.

Search Engine Optimization

Applicants must complete this course so they get a general understanding of search engine optimization. Our apprentices understand that search is a human behavior and essential to the success of a business.

Business Management

Applicants must complete this course so they understand what it takes to start a business. Our SEO apprentices have a strong understanding of how to start a business from scratch and how important a role SEO can play in this process.

SEO Apprentice

Advance Keyword Research

Applicants must complete this course so they know how to audit a website. SEO audits are the foundation of our craft and apprentices will learn how to use these to increase traffic, conversions and sales to a website.

SEO Audit

Applicants must complete this advanced course in keyword research. Our apprentices learn how to use multiple data points to create content that people want.

Website Design

Applicants must complete this course so they understand what it takes to build and optimize a WordPress website from scratch. WordPress powers 30% of websites on the internet.

What You Get

Free access to Growth Skills

Potential job placement

Access to paid projects

Your own optimized website

The Guild: Networking Group


Buy A Full Membership If:

  • You like learning
  • You are reliable and don’t need to be supervised
  • You are detailed oriented
  • You can start and complete a project
  • You would love to get paid to do SEO and Content Marketing
  • You love to solve problems and take initiative
  • You are willing to invest in your education

SEO Apprentice Path Course Work:

We are looking for serious applicants only so below is an outline of what you need to accomplish before being considered for the apprenticeship.

Course Work:

Please complete each course in this path to unlock the SEO Apprentice badge. This course path will grow overtime as SEO evolves. The goal is to make sure we are training high quality SEO apprentices who have evolved with the changing SEO landscape. Each course teaches you skills that will compound with the skills you learn in the next course. When you are done you will be a well-rounded SEO expert.

Our Proven SEO Learning Path

Our SEO learning path is made up of six courses  developed to ensure that you
learn all elements of SEO and more.

  • It first teaches you how to learn
  • Then all elements of SEO
  • Then how SEO works for a business
  • Finally you build your own optimized website that you can keep forever

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Learn How to Learn

We start by teaching you how to learn to improve your ability to learn and retain skills.

Free SEO Training Course: Fundamental 101

We then teach you the basics of Search Engine Optimization with one assignment. Your assignment will be to research, write and optimize your first article on our WordPress blog. This article will be yours to keep for the website you build as your final project.


We then show you why SEO is important to starting a business. This will help you incase you ever want to start your own.

Advanced Keyword Research

We then teach you how to use different types of data to create amazing content like articles, videos and apps. This course is core to SEO and Content Marketing. Your assignment will be to research, write and optimize a second article on our WordPress blog.

SEO Audit

We then dive into how to do an SEO audit that is designed to find technical opportunities on a website to increase traffic and sales. Your assignment will be to do an SEO Audit using our award winning methodogly.

How to Build a WordPress Website

Your final project will be to follow along and build your own website on WordPress. We will walk you through the process of buying your own domain, name, theme and more. 30% of website on the internet are built on WordPress. Learning how to use WordPress is essential to your career growth.

Final Interview Process

Final Project

The website you build in the how to build a website on WordPress will be considered your final project.
We will review this and grade you on how optimized it is.


The Growth Skills team will give you feedback to improve your resume.
We will work to help you tell your career story to get you a job.

Final Interview

The Growth Skills Team will conduct a final interview where we will test your SEO knowledge. We are assessing your confidence, how you think about solving problems, and to learn more about why you want to become an SEO Apprentice. This will be done over video conferencing.

Badge & Certificate

Once you pass the interview we will manually unlock the SEO Apprenticeship Badge and Certificate.

First Paid Projects

Your first paid project will be to do keyword research, write and optimize an article for Growth Skills. We would be honored to pay you ourselves for your first SEO job. We will then help you find a full time job and give you other paid SEO projects so you can earn while you continue to learn.

The Guild

If you pass your interview and get accepted as an SEO Apprentice you will be able to join the SEO Guild. This is a mentorship group and network of digital marketing professionals who help each other grow.

Growth Skills provides in-depth training to SEO apprentices and help them get paid projects to kickstart their career in SEO.