SEO & ADA Compliance Guide

SEO & ADA Compliance.

The Most Comprehensive Guide To SEO & ADA Compliance On The Internet

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Why should you care about ADA and SEO?

Thirty-nine million people are blind, and 325 million are visually impaired. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), websites must be accessible to the visually impaired. Unfortunately, many websites neglect to make their content — both written and visual — accessible to the large population of potential customers with visual impairments. 

SEO can help with ADA compliance; there’s a significant overlap between SEO initiatives (images alt text, anchor links, heading tags, and more) and accessibility initiatives. 

Screen readers, for example, are similar to search engine crawlers in that they utilize page code to navigate and understand the content.


Increase In Lawsuits Since 2018


Of Websites Sued More Than Once


Of Websites Are Inaccessible


Of The Population Has A Disability

The Hard Truth

“If your SEO or performance marketing agency hasn’t talked to you about ADA compliance, fire them. Web accessibility is a human right easily improvable using SEO. If you couldn’t do something as simple as ordering pizza online, how would you feel? That’s how Guillermo Robles felt and why he sued Dominos Pizza. We created this guide as a labor of love to help you optimize and to demonstrate how SEO impacts ADA compliance.”

Lavall Chichester
AdAge 40 under 40 Founder

The Main Point

Use SEO to help your ADA compliance — improve accessibility and search visibility.
Install software like Accessibe as additional support to the SEO ADA work.
Find an ADA Compliance specialty company to become 100% ADA compliant.

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