Growth Skills Point System

Growth Skills Point System

Growth Skills coin system was built as a way to help you fund your learning. The coins have monetary value and can be used as cash to pay for one off courses, resume help, and other products that we offer on the platform. Coins can only be used on special items and not for regular membership.

1. COINS function a lot like how air miles points function for airlines

They will be deducted from the price of the product you are trying to purchase. Once coins are applied to a purchase you will received a reduced price for that product. If you have enough coins to cover the full price of the product then you won’t pay anything and points will be deducted for the full price of the product and you will keep any left over points.

It’s important to know that coins do not have a 1 – 1 dollar value. That means one point does not equal a dollar. We keep the value of the points private to keep people from attempting to game the system and keep it fair for all.

Our coin system empowers you to remove money as an excuse to learning the skills you need to grow your career and business.

2. How do you earn COINS?

Coins are earned for being engaged on the site. The more you comment, take quizzes, pass courses and update your profile; the more coins you get. The more you put into learning and the platform the more you will get out of it. If you sign up and do nothing you will get nothing. That sounds harsh but it is a basic life lesson that you have to learn in order to grow.

3. How to use your COINS?

We will let you know when new products become available that you can use your coins.

4. Easter Egg Hints

We have left hints on how much coins you get for certain things through out the site. Try and use what you learn in the SEO courses to explore parts of the site normal people would not visit. There you will find hints and other gems that will get you points quicker. Use your newly minted skills to learn for less.