Income Share Agreement

Income Share Agreement

Our income share agreement allows you to learn now and pay us back when you get a job.

Our ISA is an ‍investment in you.

 Our Protégé+ program was built to help you succeed. Traditional schools make money regardless of whether or not their students succeed. Growth Skills takes a different approach. We’ll cover the cost of your upfront tuition and give you paid client projects as you learn. Then you’ll pay us back 10% of your income for three years once you’ve found a job and are earning an annual income of $45,000 or more.

Our Income Share Agreement at a glance:
We cover your tuition until you’re making at least $45,000 a year. There’s no down payment.
We give you paid projects so you can apply what you are learning to build your portfolio.
Once you’re hired, you’ll start making monthly payments based on your income.
Payments end once you’ve reached the $20,000 cap or your payment schedule ends – whichever comes first.
Calculate your monthly ISA payments

Use this calculator to see what your monthly payments could look like. We make it afforadable.

Frequently Asked ISA Questions
What is an income share agreement?

An income share agreement is a contract that allows a student to learn with out paying an up front fee. They pay the learning institution a portion of their salary once they get a job.

How does Growth Skill’s income share agreement work?

Our income share agreement is for our Protégé+ Job Placement Program. The income share agreement works like traditional ones. However, what makes us different is we pay our Protégés as they learn by giving them projects to work on from our clients. This is our way of further investing in you and reduces your risk in learning.

Are income share agreements worth it?

Income share agreements have given students a new option to pay for their education that puts most of the risk on the learning institution. In income share agreement is great if you can’t afford to pay for the program and don’t want a traditional loan.

Are income share agreements bad?

An income share agreement is just a different type of loan contract. They are not bad but they can be based on the terms. There are some companies that have predatory income share agreement setups. We don’t do that. We also pay you as you learn, help you find a job and mentor you along your career. Plus, you will always be part of our Protégé Network where we have freelance job oppurtutnites.

Do you offer traditional loans?

Yes, check our our loan options below.

Learn about our other tuition options

If you don’t want to sign an income share agreement no worries.

We have flexible payment options below.

Pay Full Tution

Make one payment.


Pay As You Go

Pay over time. Payments will be processed automatically.


Apply For A Loan

Low, affordable monthly payments – loans offered by Climb.


Apply For A 0% APR Loan

No interest, no fees – loans offered by Climb.