How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business

Learn The Essentials of Starting
Your Own Business

how to start a business course

Why Did We Make This How To Start a Business Course?

Over 90,000 people search for “how to start a business” on Google. 

You are probably one of them. 

Our founders started multiple business and made so many mistakes in the process. 

They went into debt, didn’t know how to trademark their business so ideas got stolen, chose the wrong partners, and more!

They agreed to make this course for Baruch College and the Small Business Association.

They did not want anyone to make the same mistakes that they made. 

This course is their way of helping anyone you navigate the hard road of starting your own business.

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What You Learn In This Course

In this course you will learn how to start a business from scratch. We show you eleven steps on everything you need to do to launch your business. This is the process that we used to start Growth Skills.

Below Are The Eleven Steps

1. Business Plans

We talk about how to develop a business plan and why they are important.

2. Business Name

We teach you a research trick for developing great business names.

3. Product or Service

We talk about how to develop a strong product or service.

4. Trademarks

We show you how to do free trademark searches.

5. Business Assets

We should how not to go broke developing a logo and other business assets.

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11. Launch

We teach you about soft launches and real launches and why they are important.

6. Build Your Team

We show you how to build your team and find freelancers. This will help you manage startup costs.

7. Tax ID & EIN

We teach you about tax IDs and how to get one for free.

8. Incorporation

We teach you how to incorporate your business.

9. Business Bank Account

We talk about different business bank account options.

10. Business Insurance

We discuss business insurance and why you need it.

What You Get For Only $29

Video Courses

Business Templates

11 Lessons

Course Materials

Who Is This Course For?

1. Side Hustle

You have a side hustle that you are looking to take to the next level. This course will help turn your side hustle into a business.

2. Hobbyist

You have a hobby that you love and you are ready to take it to the next level. This course will show you how to build a business around something you love.

3. Entrepreneurs

If you have never started a business and you want to start one. Or you want to learn how to start a business the right way. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Everyone could use a little guidance.

Watch A Few Example Course Videos​

Here are a few videos from the course so you know what to expect.

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