Hotel Credit Cards

Hotel credit cards are great for people who travel a lot. The best hotel credit cards offer various discounts on traveling, free stays in hotels, room upgrades,  and many other loyalty perks.

Two types of hotel credit cards

There are two types of hotel credit cards – cobranded credit cards and general travel credit cards.

Cobranded hotel cards – This means the hotel chain partners with a credit card company like Visa or American Express to create a card that is just for their hotel brand. Cobranded hotel credit cards are perfect for users who are frequent fliers, loyal to one hotel chain and want to reach elite status in that hotel’s loyalty membership program.

General travel cards – A general travel card will usually be a better fit due to its greater flexibility in earning and redeeming points. These cards have their own rewards programs and are not attached to a specific hotel brand. Users can redeem points on a variety of participating travel brands (depending on the program’s list of partners) and sometimes on non travel rewards like cash back, gift cards or merchandise.  This card is better for people who don’t travel as much, not loyal to one hotel chain and want general travel rewards.

Best Travel Credit Cards

There are plenty of great hotel rewards cards out there so it can be difficult for you to choose one of them. To make your choice easier, we are listing some best travel credit cards that you can opt for.

  • The Hyatt Credit Card
  • Discover it Miles Credit Card
  • Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card
  • Venture from Capital One
  • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card

How to choose the best hotel card?

If you’re planning to get a hotel credit card consider your travel goals, habits and hotel budget before jumping on an offer. Some of the best hotel reward programs are only available at expensive hotels that charge extra for parking and other amenities. Many hotel cards allow you to only redeem limited points on hotel stays with their brands. This make these card less valuable for the people who don’t travel and stay at hotels often. You must look for a hotel credit card that offer large number of points and allows you to redeem those points without any restriction.

How Does a Hotel Credit Card Work?

Hotel credit cards allow you to earn and redeem points for hotel rewards as you spend with credit card. However, most of the cobranded hotel cards offer points for spending with the affiliated hotel brand, whereas general travel cards offer a flat rate on all purchases or a higher rate for specific categories like travel expenses and dining.

As mentioned above the most common benefits of hotel credit cards are room upgrades, guaranteed room availability, discount on flights, hotel loyalty perks such as free spa, dining, complimentary breakfast and concierge assistance.

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