Advanced Keyword Research Assignment

Advanced Keyword Research Assignment

Repetition is the mother of all skill. Now you are going to write a second article.
This article will also be reviewed and we will judge you based on how you have improved from the first article.

The assignment for this Advanced Keyword Research course is as follows. Research and write an optimized article targeting your job title.
  • It should explain what your job is and why it matters to a company
  • Give three tips from your experience to help someone else excel in that job
  • Explain why you are growing new skills
  • Give a shout out to your best boss while you were in the position and what makes them the best. You will have to link to their LinkedIn profile

Make sure that this article is good because it may be published on for the world to see.


Step 1

Pick a Topic

The topic should be your job title for example “Social Media Manager”

Step 2

Do Keyword Research

Pick a target keyword and find the search volume of that keyword using SEMRUSH Drop the keyword into their free keyword tool. Sign up for the free version if you run out of uses.

Step 3

Write the Article

Write a 500 word article that is optimized for the target keyword. Follow the rules on this sheet.

Follow these steps

Step 4

Write the Article

Submit your article for review and our editors will check it